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There is a scam going around that can cost you a lot of money. You get an email that looks and feels like it is from the IRS. It says that you are owed a refund of a minor amount of money and are instructed to click the link. The link will ask for your bank account information. Once this information is entered the money will start flowing out of your bank account, not into it.

Think about it. How did the IRS get your email address? Why would they owe you money? Don't forget, the IRS likes to collect money, not pay it out. This is just one of those things that is too good to be true.

The IRS does NOT use email to transact business. They use the phone and US Mail. Should you get one of these emails, delete it immediately. Do not click on any links and do not provide any personal information.

Click this link (to the real IRS Web site) if you want more information.

There is a telephone scam going around too. You get a call from an aggressive "IRS agent" who threatens legal action and even arrest if you do not give him or her bank information. Again, if you respond you will have your checking account cleaned out quickly.

In spite of its reputation, the IRS has specific guidelines that they follow in their dealings with taxpayers. They always send several letters to try to collect taxes that you owe to them. Their phone calls follow a pattern including giving you their name and ID number and they do not get aggressive on the first call.

Even when they get aggressive they still have a procedure to follow and they always try to levy your bank account or wages first.

This scam has been on the news several times. One of my clients was interviewed for the item.


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